Well, it looks like C3SR is still busy "advocating" on behalf of subscribers of satellite radio. They are even bringing in new attorneys to review the confidential information relating to Sirius and XM. If you are not familiar with C3SR, they are an organization that claims to "advocate" on behalf of satellite radio subscribers with reference to the proposed merger between Sirius and XM.

How did they arrive at their platform? How do they know the thoughts and desires of subscribers so as to properly represent them? That answer is apparently a deeply held secret. You see, C3SR receives funding from the National Association of Broadcasters. They have never published a survey that would give them the opinions of the group (subscribers) that they claim to represent. In fact, their anti-merger platform existed upon the launch of the organization.

As "advocates" for satellite radio subscribers, they have hired consultants to develop anti-merger arguments with funding from the NAB. They have hired attorneys that have ties to the NAB, and they have submitted many documents with the FCC, all of which take an anti-merger stance.

Have they ever asked for your opinion on satellite radio and the merger?

Have they offered an opinion on the Georgetown Partners proposal that would strip spectrum from subscribers? NO

Have they offered an opinion on HD radio chipsets being included in SDARS receivers? NO

Have they offered an opinion on open access? NO

Have they addressed minority ownership? NO

Yet they have suggested that it would be a good idea for the FCC to strip away the licenses of BOTH Sirius and XM. How exactly is this a good thing for subscribers???

Does this sound like a group advocating for subscribers, or a group that has an agenda that is contrary to their stated mission of advocating on behalf of satellite radio subscribers? Is C3SR suffering from a Janus Complex? It would appear that this is the case.

With the FCC decision appearing to be near, C3SR hires more attorneys to review confidential documents. Wouldn't their time be better spent getting the opinions of satellite radio subscribers on issues such as spectrum, open access, and minority programming?

Sirius Buzz called C3SR front and center last week and C3SR balked. They pulled down a link to their own blog, thus not allowing subscribers to put any comments on their site. They then took it a step further and removed any link to their blog that ever existed existed. I personally called them and left a message. I posed questions to them on this site, and their response was to hide.

Why is C3SR afraid to know the opinions of subscribers? Why do they not address the issues that have impact on subscribers which have come up in the merger process? Why do they continue this charade?

C3SR... Grow A Set Of Balls and answer the questions that subscribers want to know. You can find them in our article from last week titled C3SR Lacks Candor.

Might I suggest that you either provide the information to substantiate your actions, or DROP YOUR CLAIM THAT YOU ARE AN ADVOCATE FOR SUBSCRIBERS.

C3SR's Latest Filing With The FCC

Position - Long Sirius, XM.