As stated yesterday SiriusXM is in a short term bearish pattern despite Liberty Media jumping in to buy another 4 million shares.  This equity needs to be watched this morning.  The 50 day EMA sits at $2.68, just 2 cents below where it closed yesterday.  If $2.68 breaks watch for $2.60.  $2.60 is strong support.  If that breaks watch for the gap at $2.58 to fill and a test of just below $2.50.  That is the bad news.  The good news is that Liberty may just be hoping back into this equity.  If they continue to support the stock price at current levels the street takes notice.   We then have the macro situation with the economy.  That may cause havoc in the equity markets as people begin to  figure out whether or not it is best to be in cash.  All of that will be a bit off, but for the moment watch the downside risks.  I am still mid and long term bullish.