Wow... what a morning.  I go into a meeting and come out to find that the caution flags I said cause me worry are coming into poly.  The technicals have broken, and unless this equity sees a recovery today, we are in a new downtrend.  Volume is high on this move, so it is quite real.  The 50 day EMA sits at $2.66, and that could well be tested.  The big question is whether we go below.  $2.60 is the next strong support.

If I was to make a call now it would be that the bottom will be $2.60 if we break below $2.67.  That gives us two bottoms to consider.  If you played this, congratulations!  Personally I would not worry about re-entry until the equity bottoms out and confirms that bottom with lower volume and an uptick.  Stay Tuned!