The usual technical update will be published over the weekend.  I just got a call and have a 5 hour drive in front of me, so I can only stop long enough to get some quick thoughts up.  The stock bounced off of $2.70 support band tested waters above $2.75.  That is bullish.  The volume was in decent territory for consolidation.  At the moment I still see $2.80 as a near term top and feel that this equity will test the 20 day moving average in the $2.60's briefly before moving back up to break $2.80 with strength.  While I still see the lower test, we can not ignore that the equity showed strength at the close and very willingly tested above and closed above $2.75.  If we do not see a test of the 20 day by Wednesday of next week, it could well mean that support at $2.70 will be stronger.  Stay tuned