This is today second Bullet Point.  Bullet Points are a feature of SiriusBuzz Premium and typically available only to members (click the orange Premium tab above for more information).  They are quick action points made throughout the market day relating to news, price movement, and technical analysis.  The bullet point today was made available before the market opened and warned of a possible dip to $2.78 (the 13 day EMA).  I have decided to make this bullet point available to all readers.

While the equity did not actually touch the 13 day EMA at $2.78, it did make a run down to $2.80.  As I pointed out yesterday, the early action today will tell the story.  That trip down to $2.80 and the bounce off of it was telling.  Things will happen fast, but we now must consider the 20 Day EMA at $2.73.  Any move down will be short lived in my opinion, so you have to be ready to be ready to pull triggers quickly.  Watch volume to the upside at $2.85.  Watch to see if the equity will test it there in the morning half of the session.  If there is no real test (passing $2.85 on decent volume), then in my opinion this will test $2.80 again.  If $2.78 is broken a test to $2.73 to $2.75 is likely.  Be smart and be quick.