Now I have heard of bigger fish to fry, but this is absolutely ridiculous! How long does it take for these dumb ass politicians to get this merger through? Is there not a war in Iraq going on? Are we not sending more troops to Afghanistan to fight the Taliban and Al-Qaeda? I believe another Rwanda is happening in Darfur as you read this. Iranian President Mahmoud wants to destroy Israel and the rest of the free world with nuclear weapons. I know that thousands of American children are becoming sick from Chinese toy makers .To say the real estate market has cooled would be putting it mildly. I do not know about you, but I am tired of paying over $3.00 a gallon for gas! The decline of the dollar has made international travel expensive for Americans almost impossible, while foreign visitors are enjoying their newfound buying power in the United States. While our children are all being left behind in schools, and millions of illegals are crossing the border on our dime, the Sirius/XM merger sounds like save the world or Armageddon!

We have bigger things that the government should be working on here. It has been 325 days and counting since the merger was announced . The FCC Comment Period has come and passed. The FCC time clock has run past the 180 day goal. The DOJ has had their second request information since September 5th. Sirius and XM complied with the FCC Information request, and the shareholders approved the merger. We all know that the oil business is the most corrupt non-consumer friendly companies on earth. In just the last few years, mergers between giant oil companies—such as Exxon and Mobil, Chevron and Texaco, Conoco and Phillips—have resulted in just a few companies controlling a significant amount of America’s gasoline, squelching competition. How come big oil can squelch competition? Why does it take three hundred and twenty five days for two companies to merge for the good of consumers? It sure seems like the FCC and the DOJ needs to wake the hell up here! Listen up you government bureaucrats, this is radio we are talking about! We have much bigger fish to fry here in the world.