Things are not looking good.  This equity is a week away from a conference call that will be pretty ho-hum, and the technicals are breaking down.  We now have developed 3 warning flags, and this has to have many investors on the edge of their seats.

Do you stay in and hope for a stronger deal?  Do you sell and buy Liberty?  Do you get out now and let the dust settle?  There is no easy answer.  My opinion is that a slightly better deal may come to the table, but that does not mean it will be at $3.68.  Let me say that again, because it is important.  A better deal may not be the $3.68 that was the ratio on the announcement day.
Your focus needs to be on the ratio of series C shares to SIRI shares AND the number of C shares that LMCA and LMCB holders get. The initial ratio was 0.076 series C shares for each SIRI share. A Better deal could be 0.077. Personally, I think that the deal range is between...

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