It was back in May that Barbara Walters had to virtually put her life on hold in order to have heart surgery. Her popular satellite radio show went on hold as her fans co-workers thought of her in this critical juncture. The news of the success of the surgery came shortly after, but her recovery has kept her away...until now.

Tonight, July 12th at 6:00 pm ET Barbara Walters will be back on the microphone and host her first satellite radio show in two months. Monday's edition of her exclusive SIRIUS XM Radio show, Here’s Barbara, will mark Walters’ return as a host and will feature her first extended on-air comments since her surgery.

Walters, along with her co-host Bill Geddie, the longtime executive producer of The View and Walters’ primetime specials, will jump back into her weekly routine of discussing timely pop culture and political topics with special guests. (1 hr)

Rebroadcast: Tonight 7:00 pm ET; Tomorrow 3:00 am ET; Tomorrow 4:00 am ET; Tomorrow 5:00 am ET

Position - Long Sirius XM Radio