Sirius announced that it will broadcast an in-depth interview conducted by former Democratic presidential candidate and Sirius host Senator Bill Bradley with current presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama on Monday, Dec.17th on Sirius Stars channel 102.


Bill Bradley recently interviewed candidate John Edwards on Sirius, and he continues his dialogue with the candidates with a thought-provoking and revealing conversation with Democratic hopeful Barack Obama. Obama discusses a wide range of topics, including his relationship with his mother and father; his upbringing; his strong sense of patriotism, and his priorities if elected.

The press release went on to highlight some of Barack’s great quotes from this interview in well prepared campaign fashion but, I wont bore you with all of that here. It’s sad that these guys don’t have the stones to do this kind of thing live.

The interview will air Dec. 17th on Sirius Stars channel 102 at 5am, 7am, 12pm, 2pm, and 11pm, all times ET.