oem channelAuto sales in August will certainly help SiriusXM.  August has been the best month for auto sales not only this year, but in several years.  All told there were almost 1.5 million cars sold last month, a number well above that which allows SiriusXM to have good quarterly numbers.  The even better news is that the auto sales pace is getting stronger with each passing month.  For the first time this year the number 16 million actually seems possible rather than simply aggressive thinking.

Thus far in 2013 we have seen 10.6 million vehicles sold.  For SiriusXM investors the news here is very positive.  It was not long ago that we were seeing sales in an entire quarter equating to what we are now seeing in just 2 months.  SiriusBuzz Premium members will get the full auto report with a breakdown by category, and a first look at how the new GM deal will impact Q4.  If you were not aware, there will be substantial changes in Q4 that will drastically impact the subscriber numbers.  It is to your advantage to understand these dynamics now.

Auto sales in August were 1,496,544.  The big three in the U.S. performed quite well, which bodes well for SiriusXM.  Stay Tuned, and consider joining SiriusBuzz Premium.  You have nothing to lose, and a lot of information to gain.  No gimmicks, no sales, no fuss.  Just great analysis day in and day out.