howard tvAfter what happened last week with Artie Lange last week, fans are all wondering when it will happen again. The answer is THIS WEEKEND. The Artie Lange vs. Teddy saga will be replayed all weekend long on Howard Sterns Sirius channels. In addition, fans will get a dose of Stern Show reality via Howard TV, which will also air the show.

Stern fans can catch a glimpse of the video right here at Sirius Buzz (video below).

In the immediate aftermath of the Lange meltdown, Stern pulled the tapes, and fans were left speculating for a week while the show was on vacation. Stern said he pulled the tapes out of concern, and wanted to let cooler heads prevail. A week off seems to have done the trick. Artie is back, and it appears that all is forgiven.

Artie seems to be in better spirits, and is even taking the events with a bit of humbleness that show that he realizes the seriousness of what transpired. The fact that Artie is not running away from the events, or what transpired after discussion about his future on the show were being considered is a credit to Artie Lange. maybe there is hope for Artie yet. Credit Lange for having the courage to let these tapes air, because I do not think Stern would have aired them if Artie was sensitive to the issue.

So, If you missed the show when it first aired, you will now have your chance to not only hear it again, but see it as well. Fans can tune into the Stern channels on Sirius, or contact their cable operator about getting Howard TV.

Position - Long Sirius