football.JPGThe 2007 NFL Football season is fast approaching, and we thought it would be fun to have a bit of a fantasy football contest here at Sirius Buzz. We have formed a league with ESPN, and have 9 available slots to fill. Because everyone is busy, we have selected the standard rule set, and put the draft on automatic. The draft will happen on Saturday September 8, 2007. Players can pre-rank their desired draft picks for all positions, then sit back and let the draft happen.

Everything about this league is fairly automatic, but don't let that stop you from wheeling, dealing, and having a little trash talking fun on the Sirius Buzz forums.

If you are interested in participating, and the league is full, please send an e-mail to We will set up an additional league to accommodate you.

So loosen up, let the merger process happen, and make the football season more enjoyable. JOIN THE LEAGUE