The form letter frenzy of anti-merger comments to the FCC is happening again. In an organized campaign, identical form letters expressing anti-merger sentiment are arriving at the FCC. Though the official comment period has long been closed, comments continue to arrive at the FCC and get published.

To date, this identical form letter has been used well over 2,000 times and has been filed in bulk with the FCC. Strikingly, this means that nearly 60% of the anti-merger comments filed with the FCC have been this exact form letter, and ALL of these letters have arrived after the official comment period had ended.

Prior to these bulk comments, 75% of the filings to the FCC had been positive towards the merger. These form letter filings have tilted the scales, and now the percentage of positive comments stands at 57%. This represents an 18 point swing as a result of this campaign.

While the comment period is officially over, consumer comments are still being accepted and published by the FCC. In my opinion, a true heartfelt comment from a consumer carries much more weight than bulk form letters. If you would like to send your comments in, you can do so easily by visiting or Both sites make submitting a comment easy, and best of all you can express your opinion in your own words.

Position - Long Sirius, Long XM