In what appears to be an organized effort to influence the FCC, a form letter has been generated that has been filed by nearly 500 people coming out against the merger. The comments, posted to the FCC website with the past hour are all identical, and state the following:

"Dear Chairman Martin,

I am writing to state my opposition to the monopoly which will be created by the proposed XM/Sirius merger. I strongly urge the Federal Communications Commission to reject this plan.

As the only two providers of satellite radio, a merger between XM and Sirius would create a monopoly over the entire satellite radio market. With no source of competition, consumers will be forced to pay whatever the new provider charges or purchase new costly receivers to take advantage of both company's channels.

Additionally, it is important to consider the impact of the merger on Americans who live in markets with few local radio options such as rural areas. Individuals in these areas rely on satellite radio as more than just a luxury, so higher costs will hit them hardest.

The FCC understood the danger of a satellite radio monopoly years ago, specifically prohibiting XM and Sirius from merging in each company's respective license. The risks are no different today.

Please reject the proposed XM/Sirius monopoly.


Even with these comments, the communications to the FCC have been overwhelmingly in favor of the merger. While all comments carry weight, form letters tend to be less well received, as they are simply a point and click mechanism that does not necessarily portray the true feeling of the person submitting it. Prior to this deluge of form letter comments, nearly 75% of the comments were pro-merger. This influx has tilted the scales slightly, and the pro-merger camp now sits at 69%

Readers who have a true passion for the issue and want to let their opinion be known can do so by visiting or If you have not submitted your opinion yet, these sites allow you to do so with ease and in YOUR OWN WORDS.

Position - Long Sirius, Long XM