The mobile Internet platform has plenty of audio entertainment choice out there for consumers. Sirius XM has apps on the major platforms, but they are far from alone. Pandora and Slacker have been long time mainstays of consumers who stream over their phone, and it seems that each month another service announces their presence to the world via apps.

Yesterday Rdio and MP3Tunes went live on the Android Platform. While the services do not stream live content, they do fill a niche that satellite radio has not yet addressed. Rdio allows users to browse and listen to their own playlists previously saved in an online account, or access content on-demand from an extensive library.

For its part MP3Tunes is trying to become a “cloud-based” service which allows users to store their music library on MP3Tunes servers for access and streaming to any device that has the MP3Tunes app. The service is free for up to 2 GB of content and only $40 a year for up to 50 GB. That’s a lot of storage for a modest price.

Sirius XM is facing stiff competition in the mobile Internet arena, and much of that competition comes at a lower cost. Content is King, but music is music, and if you are in the mood to simply jam out, there are many alternatives to the Sirius XM Internet service.

Position – Long Sirius XM Radio