AlphaStar is a company that came out of obscurity late in the merger process to propose that they not only had the capability to deliver programming, but the infrastructure and expertise to do so as well. Late In July, AlphaStar filed an Ex Parte with the FCC noting their desires and capabilities surrounding the merger. Now AlphaStar has once again communicated with the FCC.

The latest communication, filed on August 13 but made available to the public on August 28, from AlphaStar came after merger approval, and proposes to the FCC that they still indeed have a desire to be involved with the 8% Noncommercial Educational or Informational (NCE) programming as per the order of the FCC in the granting of the licesne transfer that allowed the merger.

Interestingly, AlphaStar seems to be the first company on a post merger decision basis to not only express their interest to the FCC, but to Sirius XM Radio as well. The FCC filing makes it quite clear that AlphaStar has contacted Sirius XM Radio regarding their proposal and capabilities. As yet, there has been no interest expressed by Georgetown Partners, a company with dozens of filings during the merger process.

AlphaStar makes some interesting points that show the seriousness of their proposal:

  1. They have the capability to accomplish their slice of the work via their own infrastructure, and can even upload that to Sirius XM Radio's satellites without having to pass through Sirius XM Radio. This makes them a true independent entity that is capable of handling the entire process.
  2. They are prepared to launch their service immediately. This would deliver consumer benefit faster than any other entity, and could feasibly bring virtually instantaneous services that the FCC has desired to reality.
  3. They have proposed a multi-platformed minority programming package that would include African American, Latino, Asian, women's programming, and others.
  4. They have already been in communication with programming sources, funding sources and industry professions to provide a seamless solution for this merger requirement.

While many companies delivered various requests during the merger process, their barks have now turned to silence. AlphaStar, a company that was very quiet during the merger process has emerged as the front-runner buy actually having follow-through. It is hard to find fault in the AlphaStar proposal, or their way of doing business. Because of the merger, consumers may have found a real gem. The process will continue, and the FCC can not simply hand over the channels, but clearly AlpaStar is a company that wants to be involved, and is not looking for the world to get started.

Position - Long SIRI