In a move that can only be described as puzzling, Adam Carolla's podcast radio show will be filling the afternoon void, left behind by former Sirius XM employee Bubba The Love Sponge on Howard 101.

Today Adam Carolla could be heard on in his self titled podcast The Adam Carolla Show talking about the new possible opportunity which he said was set to kickoff on January 24th.

"We are going to be doing a little experiment with Sirius XM and Howard Stern and the Howard Stern network over at Sirius XM about simulcasting this show on the Sirius XM Howard Stern network while we’re doing it."

Lets just hope that this “little experiment” is just that because, as far as I am concerned, a two hour long, nonexclusive podcast is not what the doctor ordered for this company. If things go well and the fans turn out in droves, sign this guy to an exclusive deal but otherwise, please don't tell me we are going  have programming that we could listen to for free taking up the afternoon on Howard 101.

That said, there is potential here. Carolla has created quite a following, knows how to utilize social media like facebook/twitter, and still manages to get a pretty solid stream of celebrity guests. One could imagine, this being good news for both Sirius XM and Adam, if they could lock him up to an exclusive deal. Sirius XM would get Carolla's built in die-hard following and he would get to stay right in his current studio with presumably a few more dollars in his pocket.

Although, I should note that Adam did make a point to reassure his current fans that his podcast wasn't going away. I'm sure that everyone has their price.