This week will be a special week for satellite radio fans and investors. The week is already filled with anticipation about the Q3 conference call and whether or not Howard Stern will sign a new deal, but as always there is so much more to talk about. SiriusBuzz is partnering with Satellite Radio Playground to bring you a special edition of the Satellite Radio Round Table Wednesday night at 8:00 PM. The two sites will also be live blogging the Sirius XM Satellite Radio Q3 conference call beginning live at 6:00 AM on Thursday November 4th. Then on Sunday November 7th I will be conducting a satellite radio "meet and greet" at the Miller's Ale House on International Drive in Sunny Orlando. The schedule of events:

Monday November 1st and Tuesday November 2nd

Will the satellite radio world finally get news on the status of the Howard Stern Contract? Love him or hate him, he has an impact on the media world no matter what happens. If he signs, and the street likes the deal, we could see a substantial rise in the stock price going into the call. If the Howard news front is silent...

Wednesday November 3rd

SiriusBuzz and Satellite Radio Playground join together to bring you a special edition of the Satellite Radio Round Table. Listen to the live Radio Show as Spencer Osborne, Demian Russian, and Brian Newman Ryal give a preview on what might be expected Thursday morning with Sirius XM's quarterly results. The show can be heard live at 8:00 PM EST via BlogTalkRadio and this months edition is hosted by Playground Radio. Get the insight you need going into the quarterly call. Callers can join in live by dialing 347-934-0239

Thursday November 4th

SiriusBuzz and Satellite Radio Playground team together again to live Blog the Sirius XM Q3 Conference call. Investors don't have to wait til 8:00 AM to discuss the results. SiriusBuzz and Satellite Radio Playground will kick off the coverage at 6:00 AM EST. The coverage is identical on both sites. Spencer, Demian, and Brian will run you through the numbers as soon as they are released, and watch live as Brian (the fastest typer I know) gets the news up prior to anyone else out there. The coverage will run through the entire call.

Sunday November 7th

A satellite radio fan and investor meet and greet. Spencer will be at Miller's Ale House on International Drive in Orlando Florida beginning at 4:00 PM. It is Sunday football at its best, so don your favorite team jersey and head to Miller's Ale House on I-Drive. Good food, drinks, great football games, and of course conversation about satellite radio. It is a fitting way to close out what is certain to be on of the most pivotal weeks in satellite radio's recent history. I rarely do meet and greets, and tend to keep rather private, but I think this week will have something special that satellite radio fans will want to talk about. Look for me at a television featuring the Patriots game. The address is 8963 International Drive, Orlando Florida.

Position - Long Sirius XM Radio