amtcAMTC has been a bit busy in recent months signing up additional businesses to SiriusBusiness, the commercial service of Sirius for businesses that is competing with the likes of Muzak.

Recent additions Include:

Taco Del Mar

Sirius will spice up the atmosphere in the restaurant chain which boasts over 250 locations.

Teriyaki Experience

The award winning Toronto based Japanese inspired restaurant chain has 30 locations in Canada, Europe, the Middle east, and Caribbean will have a grand opening stateside in Atlanta this year with more than 90 stores planned in a five year roll out.

Entrees Made Easy

With 31 locations in 16 states, Entrées Made Easy is a meal preparation company created with the goal of bringing family dinners back into the hectic lives of many families. Families can schedule a two-hour appointment at an Entrées Made Easy location, and with the help of a chef, they can prepare up to 12 meals to be cooked, or frozen and stored, at home. The company plans to not only provide healthy meals, but also a relaxing and enjoyable environment in which to prepare them, while AMTC’s SIRIUS Satellite Radio plays in the background.

Volkswagen and BMW Dealers

Volkswagen of America, Inc., a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, and BMW Group, the parent company of BMW, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and MINI, are providing a new way for their dealers to promote the SIRIUS Satellite Radio they already offer in many of their vehicle models. SiriusBusiness provides the solution.

McCoy’s Building Supply

McCoy’s Building Supply announced today that it has installed SIRIUS Satellite Radio as background music in all 85 of its stores located across the southern United States. The service is provided by Applied Media Technologies Corporation (AMTC), which represents SIRIUS for business customers nationally. AMTC will also supply any sound equipment required by McCoy’s stores.

“McCoy’s Building Supply had been locked into a long-term contract with Muzak, which had finally expired. With the freedom to evaluate other vendors, McCoy’s tested SIRIUS in five of their stores. Since AMTC doesn’t require a contract, they had the opportunity to try SIRIUS risk-free. The test stores enjoyed the music and the $24.95 price so much that McCoy’s decided to install SIRIUS in all 81 of their remaining stores,” said Connie Locke, Account Executive for Applied Media Technologies Corporation.

“Ever since we tried SIRIUS in our test stores, we’ve had the end date of our Muzak contract circled on the calendar. Switching to SIRIUS will save us more than $4,000 on background music in the first year, even after equipment purchases for all the stores, and $25,000 annually thereafter. At the same time, we are upgrading to a more reliable service with far superior music variety. We look forward to a long partnership with AMTC and SIRIUS Satellite Radio,” said Larry LaMunyon, Network and Client Services Manager for McCoy’s Building Supply.

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