The 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 is truly a site to behold. The car screams muscle and the classic styling is something that MOPAR enthusiasts can really appreciate and sink their teeth into. This car is a winning combination of performance and straight up power. Just rev the engine and you can feel the horses come to life. The Challenger SRT8 392 is simple enough to satisfy the purists while at the same time carrying enough bells and whistles to make it a great every day driver.

As with the 2011 Charger, the Challenger has seen a huge upgrade to the interior. The craftsmanship in this vehicle is a site to behold. First rate materials are used throughout the cabin and the interior of this vehicle will certainly live up to even the most picky perfectionists.

I had the opportunity to get an up close and personal look at the 2011 Challenger SRT8 during the Orlando stop of the Hemi Highway Tour. Thus far this is the ONLY 2011 Challenger on the road. The 2011 model year is slated to have 1,492 Challenger SRT8 392's with 1,100 being sold here in the states and 392 in Canada. What is the reason for 1,492? There was no real answer, but I look at it as the year Columbus discovered the new world, and perhaps the significance is that this Challenger is the discovery of an all new Dodge.

While the changes to the exterior may seem minimal, there are indeed upgrades. The real story is under the hood. Dodge has tweaked out additional horsepower and torque. The 2011 Challenger seems to have a natural hunger to eat up the road. The six speed manual transmission gives great response and power through all gears, and there is noting like the feeling of power you will see when you downshift and hit the gas pedal hard. This car has great response great speed, and the improvements in handling and braking is something the Challenger's engineers can take serious pride in. This version of the Dodge Challenger is certainly a car that everyone can enjoy driving.

For true performance enthusiasts, the car features an in dash system that will tell you 0-60 time, 1/8th mile, quarter mile, top speed, and g-forces. This way when you hit that open stretch of road, and you get the urge, you can put the car as well as yourself through the paces and track the data safely. Want to know the capabilities? The car has a 0-60 time in the high 4's and a quarter mile in the high 12's.

The attention to detail in this vehicle is impressive. When manufacturers make production muscle cars they tend to focus on the power, performance and anything that wll shave tenths of a second off of the 0-60 time. The higher performance cars sometimes means sacrificing convenience, comfort, or even some features that would seem basic necessities. This is not the case with the 2011 Challenger SRT8 392. The amazing thing is that Dodge incorporated these bells and whistles in a way that will keep the purists happy.

Now getting to the sound system. The in-dash touch screen stereo will handle all of your needs. Sirius XM Radio was a featured point in this stereo, and if you are a fan of satellite radio you will love the 2011 Dodges across the board. The company has taken this component seriously and made a true user friendly interface that allows not only AN, FM, CD, and iPod integration, but Sirius Satellite Radio as well. The upgrade between the audio system of 2010 and 2011 are indeed substantial and will not disappoint. The era of bland factory radio's is disappearing as the dashboards of today's cars are catching up with the rapidly changing technological offerings available for audio entertainment. It would be very interesting to know if Sirius XM's Satellite Radio 2.0 will have functionality in these newer audio systems.

Certainly the looks of the 2011 Challenger are retro in nature, paying homage to the original. The car is very similar to the 1972 model in many ways but distinct differences exist. One stark example is that the 1972 Challenger had 14 inch rims. In contrast the 2011 Challenger sports 14.2 inch front disc breaks and breathtaking 20 inch rims. The 2011 is also more roomy and far superior in the handling department. It is a classic example of paying respect to the original while adding all of the new technology, materials, and engineering that make modern cars more of a driving pleasure.

I would like to thank the Dodge Hemi Highway Tour for allowing me to get so up close and personal with this car. Driving the 2011 Challenger SRT8 392 was a sheer pleasure, and the personal attention that the team gives on the tour is something that truly tells you that Dodge cares about the consumer and responds to the desires of the public.

If you are interested in the Hemi Highway Tour or any Dodge product you can catch all of the details at, the official blog of Dodge.

Position - Long Sirius XM Radio